Houses are moving so fast in the real estate market, there isn’t a lot of time to get houses ready to list.  You need to prioritize what will make the biggest difference in the shortest amount of time!  These homeowners were extremely accommodating and motivated to complete everything that we asked.  Our team spent the entire weekend shopping and searching for the perfect accessories in my inventory for Staging while they were working at their house. It’s amazing how much was accomplished in a weekend. Teamwork!



When you have an open concept it’s important to create a calm environment visually so buyers are looking at the actual room and not your ‘stuff’.  A few simple tips were done here:

  • In order to work with the paint colour, we brought in new artwork that had a tint of the mossy green but also had some teal.  Now we had a colour palette to work with.
  • Originally they had 4 drape panels on the front window, so we removed two and put them on the dining room window for a cohesive look.
  • Since there are two hanging light fixtures over the dining table, a simple runner and long planter with decorative grass was all that was needed. We chose a solid runner since we didn’t want to compete with the kitchen backsplash.


  • Adding pops of the teal gives the room interest and carries your eye around the room.
  • Accent cushions in the teal, ivory and the patterned combination of all three ties in with the artwork.
  • Bringing in an ivory area rug helped to define the different zones and makes it inviting.
  • They also removed all the toys for the photos.

These floating shelves were beautiful since they matched the mantel perfectly.  It can be a bit daunting to know how much or how little put on the shelves without looking cluttered. We used:

  • The colours were dispersed evenly so there was a balance.
  • We tied in the grey from the fireplace, the teal from the artwork and ivory to make it lighter.  Suddenly the wall colour isn’t the dominant feature in the room.
  • We mixed textures; glass, ceramic, metals, foliage, coral, books and candles to make it interesting and not too matchy-matchy.




Originally the wallpaper looked very severe since there wasn’t anything to tie it into the room.  Here are some simple fixes:

  • They bought a new larger duvet that covers the mattress.
  • The drapes where hung straight instead of swayed back.
  • We brought in a gold mirror for above the dresser to pull the gold from the wallpaper.
  • We added gold cushions and a deep grey cushion as well as a dark grey bed throw.  This adds layers, textures and breaks up a large white bed.
  • Adding a dark grey runner softened the furniture and adding a metallic pot with greenery also ties in with the wallpaper.
  • We switched their second low dresser with this high boy from another room which makes more sense for both rooms.




This was their daughter’s room so we wanted to play up the mauve walls.  In this room:

  • They bought a new single bed frame since they already had the mattress downstairs.  They wanted this for their new home anyway.  Removing the queen bed made a huge difference.
  • White linens always look fresh.  Adding the pink bed throw and cushion gave the room some punch.
  • Our artwork was our colour inspiration for the drapes as well.
  • We wanted the shears removed to let the natural light in but to also showcase that there are lots of large trees right outside.  Not all houses have this nice view.
  • The tall dresser was moved to the master bedroom and the low dresser was brought here.
  • The white runner keeps the dark furniture looking fresh.
  • The pink artwork was leaned on the shelves and a few purple accessories were placed around to tie in the wall colour.

Their daughter loved her room, which hopefully means another child will want to move in as well.


Our team thought it was best if this room to felt more like a nursery.  We started with the new artwork:

  • Since we didn’t have many mint green accessories in our inventory we pulled different turquoises and blues from the artwork.  We think it also makes it more exciting.
  • We broke up the green walls with the white artwork above the change table for freshness.
  • Again, by removing the shears, we showcased trees outside.

All the different shades flow nicely together.




Beyond the obvious of removing toys, the fix for this room was simple:

  • A new shower curtain in a softer colour makes you notice the newly renovated bathroom.
  • Artwork, towels and a few accessories were all that was needed to tie this room together.




People tend to think it takes a lot to transform a room.  Here is an example of how simple it can be:

  • We added some artwork to balance the room and to give some colour inspiration.  The art had the black and the brown and cream to tie everything together.
  • The large wall has wonderful quotes from movies, but you can’t see that too well in photos.  That is why we added bold red cushions to balance the room.
  • Adding a bit of greenery in a room with contrasting colours is always a good thing.




It doesn’t get much easier than this:

  • Their artwork was hung on the side wall to create a focal point as you enter the room.
  • We switched the lamps so the table was on this side of the bed.
  • The single mattress was removed so it could be used in the daughter’s room.
  • We added some additional cushions to tie the colours together and to break up the dark linens.

This 4 bedroom house has so much value to offer!



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