Home staging is such an important aspect of selling your home. In Ottawa, home buyers have lots to choose from. It’s important to make the right first impression. These Ottawa sellers worked with our staging team to make sure their house sparkled when it hit MLS. They ended up selling in a week for  99.8% of listing price. As you can see this hard work staging paid off for these clients.

Create A Unique Space

The dining room just needed a few large accessories to give it impact.  For our team, the biggest difference was adding the drapes.  It helped define this space as a separate room. The living and the family room both had the matching filtered blinds so having the drapes in this room made it different.  It was also another way to bring texture and colour to the room.


Living in a Staged House

This can be hard when you have young children. The goal is to make it looks it’s best so it sells quicker and you can resume your ‘normal’ living.  Removing the toys made a huge difference and it elevated the look of sophistication in this house.  Look how beautiful the floors are.  You always want to showcase the beauty in your home.


Time to Borrow from Family and Friends

We were very lucky that their friends were kind enough to lend them their sofa.  It is very understandable if sellers don’t want to buy furniture if they don’t know what they are moving to. We ask sellers to borrow from family and friends if possible.  The whole purpose of Staging is to keep your costs down, for the most profit.


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