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Posted on: December 20th, 2017 by Chris Scott

Ottawa Coach Houses Real Estate

One trend I can see gaining some traction in Ottawa real estate over the upcoming few years is coach houses. A coach house is a separate dwelling detached from the principal house that sits on the same lot. Personally, I think with the right property and location this could be a viable option for people in lieu of a basement apartment or nanny flat. Could also be perfect for being a purpose-built Airbnb rental. Let’s explore some of the regulations the city has in place for this.


Basic requirements to qualify for a Coach Houses in Ottawa:

  • Secondary Dwelling Units and Coach Houses: The City allows for either a Secondary Dwelling Unit or a Coach House, but not both.
  • Primary Building Types and Coach Houses: The City only allows Coach Houses to be built on lots which have a single family, a semi-detached, duplex or some townhouses. Only a single family home will typically have the lot space to conform.
  • Maximum Size: The City restricts the maximum size to no greater than 40% of the footprint of the principal dwelling unit, up to a maximum footprint of 95 square metres, in the rural area and 80 square meters in the urban area and may not cover more than 40% of the backyard.
  • The height of a Coach House: for the City allows for a 1 storey Coach House as-of-right (straight to building permit) in the urban area and a 2 storey Coach House in the rural area on a lot 0.4 hectares or greater.
  • Setbacks for Coach Houses: The are two setback distances to the rear and interior side lot lines to choose from: Either a 1-metre maximum setback AND/OR a 4m minimum setback
  • Minimum Access Route: An unobstructed 1.2 m wide access is required from a public street or travelled lane to the Coach House. This access may comprise a driveway.
  • Parking: No parking is required for a Coach House dwelling.
  • Privately Serviced Coach House: Minimum lot size of 0.4 hectares and must share one service well or septic.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What does one cost: typical coach house is between $200 and $300 a square foot. That would put the cost of a 500 square-foot coach house in the range of $100,000 to $150,000, It can vary from builder to builder. This is just a guideline.

Can a Coach House get its own Address?

Yes, once the building permit has been applied for.

Can a Coach House have a separate servicing connection?

The coach house can be submetered.

Can I build a Coach House and a Secondary Dwelling Unit?



This is just a synopsis of some of the guidelines for this style of purchase. For more information check with the city at

If you are considering buying a home in Ottawa with the intention of building a coach house, call me to discuss. We can help you find a house that will fit in with your requirements.