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Posted on: April 4th, 2024 by Chris Scott

In Ontario’s real estate market, staying one step ahead is crucial, especially with recent legislative changes making exclusive listings—homes not advertised on the public market—more private than ever. But accessing these hidden gems just got easier for our clients, thanks to our partnership with Knokd.

Exclusive listings offer a unique advantage: they benefit sellers seeking privacy and buyers eager for less competition and early access to unique properties. With Ontario’s new legislation tightening rules around advertising these properties, they’ve become even more elusive. That’s where Knokd comes in.

Knokd is our secret weapon. This program allows us to share with you listings that are coming soon or are exclusively available, ensuring you’re first in line for properties that perfectly match your criteria—properties you won’t find on MLS or online platforms.

With our expertise and exclusive access through Knokd, we’re not just finding you a home; we’re uncovering opportunities that others don’t even know exist. Ready to step ahead in Ontario’s competitive real estate market? Get in contact today!