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Posted on: March 15th, 2018 by Chris Scott



Multiple offers are always a possibility in some of Ottawa’s most desirable neighbourhoods. With inventory levels at record lows and demand, sky-high multiples are happening across the city and right into suburbia. The hottest segment in the city right now is a suburban townhouse. This was never the case in previous years! Amazing to see this phenomenon develop over the past few months. Now what is happening is that new prices are being established as buyers bid homes up. This will make 2018 a year were we might see some buyers priced right out of our market.

With so much money at stake on every sale it is so important to have the right representation. A listing that is well priced, presented & staged, and marketed should receive multiple offers. From there it will be the Realtor’s role to make sure you maximize your return and help navigate through all the offers. We helped a client recently sell their house for 6k more than the exact same model of townhouse right next door. We had 13 offers, they had 6. It matters who you work with.

If you are thinking of buying or selling please feel free to get in touch.