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SOLD: Luxury in Westboro

Posted on: April 23rd, 2024 by Chris Scott

We recently had the pleasure of handling the sale of a luxury home in Westboro. It was the second time I had the pleasure of working with these wondeful clients.  In a market where similar high-end listings often sit unsold for extended periods, we were able to successfully list and sell this property in just a few short weeks. Our success was due to a combination of strategic marketing and thorough preparation by the home owners. Here’s a detailed look at the methods that led to this achievement.

Staging with Kids:

Staging a home can be a challenge, especially with young children around. Following our stager’s initial consultation, the sellers undertook a massive decluttering effort. This included renting a storage locker to put some stuff in until the move to the next property. This set the stage for professional staging, which transformed their living spaces into a buyer’s dream. Our staging team hit it out of the park on this one as you can see from the pictures below.

Professional Painting:

A fresh coat of paint is essential in creating a flawless presentation, especially in the luxury market. Our expert painter was called in to touch up the walls, ensuring that every room gleamed and added to the home’s upscale appeal.

The Floors:

The hardwood flooring received a necessary refresh; the owners had the floors professionally refinished at the front steps. This update was crucial in enhancing the property’s luxurious feel and ensuring a stellar first impression.


For marketing this high-calibre property, we entrusted only professional photographers. This strategic choice guaranteed that the home was showcased in the most flattering light possible, capturing its elegance and fine details.


Video tours are an effective tool to highlight unique features of the home, providing a dynamic visual experience that static images cannot match. We filmed both a full-length cinematic video as well as specialized videos for social media to ensure maximum exposure. It gives me the agent a chance to talk directly to consumers about some of the great features of this home!

3D Tour:

Virtual reality meets home marketing with our 3D tours. These tours allow potential buyers to navigate through the property from the comfort of their own homes, greatly expanding the reach and impact of our listings.

Agent Open House:

The day after listing the home on MLS, we hosted an open house exclusive to agents. This event was well-attended by agents from various brokerages, providing them an opportunity to explore the property firsthand and see if it was a potential match for their clients.


The negotiation process was very positive between us and the buyers representative. It was a collabrative effort where all sides felt like they had a win.  Having a house with immaculate presentation and robust marketing strategies helped the seller meet their goal and beyond.  This approach facilitated a quick and favourable sale, with the offer being secured within the first week of listing.

The Final Result:

This comprehensive and meticulous approach to preparing and presenting the home paid off. While other homes sit on the market, ours moved swiftly to a successful firm sale, reflecting the effectiveness of our methods and the desirability of the property in Westboro’s competitive real estate landscape.



Posted on: May 1st, 2020 by Chris Scott


The proper marketing of your home has never been more important. We need to get your home exposed to as many people as possible online. We have added in services to make this happen. This additional exposure will help you maximize your sale price.

Virtual Staging:

We have been working on a new process to stage your home virtually. Our stager is phenomenal and will help you prepare each and every room in the house. It will involve a few calls, some pictures back and forth, and will end with a full detailed report for you to follow. It will essentially be a game plan for getting your house market-ready.  This work will help you maximize the sale price of your home. Statistically speaking staged homes sell for at least 2% more than non staged homes.
We also offer an in-person staging if you prefer.

Virtual Tour:

We will have a full 3d tour done of your home. Here is an example:
This will give buyers the opportunity to experience a showing from the comfort of their home. Having this tour is paramount in today’s market. Some buyers are purchasing the home just based on this tour!

Floor Plans:  

We will have a professional floorplan drawn up so buyers can see the dimensions of each room and the layout of the space. An integral part in the new virtual world.

Professional Pictures:

In the weeks ahead we will be taking extra pictures for buyers to look at. Our photographer is amazing and you can see her work by clicking on the link. She will also take precautions when photographing.

Video Walkthrough: 

This will be done to take people through every aspect of the home. We are trying to give every buyer the opportunity to purchase your home without actually seeing it in person. We just started doing this. My partner launched a listing with this feature yesterday. Here is an example:

Social Media Ads: 

Embracing the virtual aspect of the market we will have ads running on Facebook and Instagram focusing on buyers in your area. We entice them with a short video of the 3d tour playing and they can click to take a walkthrough.

Electronic Signatures: 

We are completing all our agreements via an e-signing program that is easy to use. Stephanie, our listing manager is still working full-time Mon-Fri 830-430. We have lots of support for all our clients. She will be getting all buyers to sign Covid-19 forms prior to any viewing. We are trying to do everything we can to mitigate risk for our clients while making it easy for buyers to get all the information they need on our listings.