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Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Posted on: August 29th, 2011 by Chris Scott

If you’re like most people, buying a home is the biggest investment you will ever make. Whether you’re buying a starter home, your dream home or an investment property, you should find an agent with experience in the local market to ensure you are making the most informed decisions you can, every step of the way.

Here are some characteristics of a good Real Estate Agent:

  • They will take the time to understand what it is you are looking for
  • They will help you to determine how much house you can afford
  • They will encourage you to get pre-approval for a mortgage
  • They will be eager to help you find the right home 
  • They will do their homework. They will offer to find you the information you need, and get back to you 
  • They will follow-up to see if you are interested in viewing more houses 
  • They make it easy for you look at the house…if the homeowners remain on the premises, they will distract them while you have a good look around 
  • They will keep out of your way, and allow you to set the pace
  • They will listen to your comments and concerns, and address them, if possible

Any agent can take you to a house and open the door for you. You will want to find someone who feels like they are on your ‘team’, and it may take a few appointments to find the right one, but you will have a much more positive experience during what can be a very stressful time.

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