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Value vs Price — You Always Get What You Pay For!

Posted on: February 25th, 2012 by Chris Scott

Have you ever bought something only because the price was good?  I have and I always learn something from it. It is not the price that really matters, for me it is the value of the product or service. Perfect example is my accountant. My previous guy was a bit rough around the edges. He was slow to get back to me, didn’t seem engaged in my file, but I went with him because his price was low. He also always had about 4 buttons un-done on his dress shirt at all times. I didn’t enjoy staring at his chest hair while I was in his office! Nor did I appreciate the awkward sitting area with his pet dog and very loud Secretary. I finally switched-it took me 3 years!   My new girl is excellent. She is fast, efficient, professional, smart, and a pleasure to deal with. Guess what, she is also a partner at her firm and much more expensive. Do I mind? Absolutely not, because I am getting better VALUE. Her knowledge and expertise has helped me save more on my returns. So in the long run I am happier and have more money in my pocket! 

The same lessons can be applied to real estate. When choosing an agent, don’t just look at what someone charges. Instead look at the big picture and get a sense of what kind of value they will bring to you and your family. We are talking about your most valuable asset here. Get it done right the first time. You never regret the decisions you make when they are based on value rather than price. A good agent’s knowledge and expertise will reward you with higher selling prices and equally as important no unnecessary headaches! 

I would like to share with you a quick story that reinforces the value that a good Realtor can bring to the marketplace. A friend of mine put their house for sale with a discount brokerage. One where they put the house on the mls for a set cost and the owner is then responsible for everything else. After trying for months to sell himself he handed the keys over to me. He just had enough.  I then spent the necessary time and resources preparing the house for sale. 

Once were better staged and ready we went to market.  The list price was the same but the result was much different. We sold the house in less than a week to an out of town buyer! Remember you never regret the decisions based on VALUE!!


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