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Breaking The Ice: Embarrassing Story

Posted on: September 26th, 2014 by Chris Scott

We were talking today about some embarrassing moments being a Realtor. I have had a few.  The front runner was pretty easy to identify. 

I was waiting in my car for my chance to present an offer on behalf of my clients. We were in a multiple bid situation. It was an unusually dark night.  I had a junior agent with me and was teaching him how to present offers. I felt pretty cool that I was a senior agent. It was late, must have been 10pm.

Anyways, I was called to present and had one thing on my mind- get this deal together for my clients. As I approached the front door I could see everyone looking at me at the dining room table. The door was open so I walked right in. However, I failed to spot the mesh wire of a front screen door and walked into it at a very fast pace. If you have ever been fortunate enough to witness someone walking into a screen door you can appreciate just how hilarious it looks.  Not the first impression I was looking for. I think the screen actually bounced me back into the junior agent. It was like walking into a trampoline!!  Some of the screen also ripped open on the side. It did break the ice!   The sellers were cool.

We all had a good laugh at my expense. I felt they may have laughed a little longer then I would have liked. But in the end everyone left happy. The sellers got more then asking, the buyers a house,  and the junior agent left with a good story.


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