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Market Predictions – 2015

Posted on: January 8th, 2015 by Chris Scott

Every year I go through statistical reports from CMHC, top brokerages, economists, and our local real estate board. My objective in this research is to try and get a feel for where the market is heading in the upcoming year. I also poll other Realtors in my office to try and get a gauge on the pulse of the market. 2015 has been the most challenging to predict.

I think we are facing a new reality for Ottawa’s real estate market. I am not Nostradamus but I feel I can almost predict what the next few years will bring. Houses will take longer to sell and prices will be very flat with little or no change. CMHC predicts increases in line with inflation. This is good news. Other economists are predicting a decrease in price in the upcoming year. For many the prospect of this is frightening. Many of us have a significant portion of our net worth tied to the value of our home.

With 3 properties in Ottawa I can relate. However, I am not worried. We just purchased an investment property late this year. I understand the next few years could be challenging but it is the long-term 10-20 year big picture I am most interested in. Ottawa has historically had a resilient real estate market. We still have good economic fundamentals and the long term projected growth of the city will eventually tilt the favor back to sellers.

These more challenging market conditions make it imperative for both buyers and sellers to be aligned with an experienced and qualified real estate professional.

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