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Posted on: January 19th, 2017 by Chris Scott


It was a beautiful sunny morning in the capital. I was driving on Arlington Avenue, a quiet Centertown street with a speed limit of 40km/hr. heading to show a house to a great client.

As I approached the house I saw my client and waved. I had to do a 3 point turn to park on the opposite side of the street. I checked my mirrors and went to make the turn.  As I made my turn, out of nowhere, a car smashed into the front of my SUV. It happened so fast. They were travelling over 130 km/hr. The only reason I survived was because their back-end smashed into my front end as they were swerving out of control.  Another split second and there would have been no avoiding me (he would have hit my driver’s side) – I would not be writing this blog.

What happened next was shocking.  When I realized I wasn’t hurt I looked up a saw that the car that hit me, crashed into other parked cars. I expected them to finally stop but no, they started speeding away! That is when the police cars flew by. About eight in total. One police car stopped to ask if was okay. It turned out the driver had just robbed a bank and was in a police pursuit. It was like being in a movie.  So after all that excitement, we were just standing outside of the listing we were scheduled to see. I was shaken up but thought we are here so we might as well take a look as we wait for police to come back. Clients come first! It would have been a better story if he bought the house.

It was a strange feeling afterwards, walking to get my rental car downtown. I felt different, I knew I had just been very lucky to walk away. Hard to explain the feeling but it was an introspective one.  Weird, freak accidents can happen anywhere at anytime. It is important to live every day to the fullest. Sounds cliche but it is true. I felt very lucky to be alive. I often reflect on that feeling I had-of pure gratitude. So important not to take anything for granted.

BTW- cops got their man a few blocks away in a foot pursuit. My client found a great house about a week later.

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