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Posted on: February 22nd, 2017 by Chris Scott


Of all the applications for virtual reality,  real estate might be the most practical. How would you like to view a home sitting in the comfort of your living room?

I believe this will be the way initial showings will be conducted in the years ahead. The technology already exists to complete a great VR walkthrough. I experienced it myself at a recent tradeshow. It truly felt like I was in the house.  I was so excited about this I have added it as part of my services. The challenge is that consumers don’t have the headsets. It isn’t quite mainstream enough yet. My personal opinion is that almost every household will have some type of VR gear in the next 3-5yrs. It can be just a $30 google box that I am pictured with or something a little more high-tech. The future is going to be weird. I just imagined a family sitting around the dinner table with their VR headsets on. Yikes, sometimes more technology is not necessarily better.


A better version of the google box or something Apple is secretly working on will be the mainstream choice for consumers. Smartphones will be the tool that people will use to get their VR fix. I see phones that are curved or have the ability to be curved into the box to create a cool experience. This will allow home shoppers to take walkthroughs of homes and really narrow their list down before seeing homes in person. When they have their short list I will be sending my self-driving car to pick them up.  Some aspects of VR I am excited about. I just hope people will not substitute real life experiences for those manufactured by VR. To understand this you must try VR, It truly feels real. It will be interesting to see how we develop and use this technology in the years ahead.

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