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Posted on: March 2nd, 2017 by Chris Scott


Early this year my clients were all set to hit the market. We had a price locked in and papers were signed. Before hitting the MLS my stager Heather met with my clients and put together a game plan to get the house ready. They had it freshly painted and every room was wonderfully staged. I came in to do a video and we got all the marketing pieces in place. Just before we launched our listing the exact same model came for sale around the corner.

The thing is, it came to market at $60,000 less! I think I spit my coffee out when I saw that. I immediately went and previewed the house. Same square footage and both had unfinished basements. My listing had hardwood on the stairs and in the master bedroom where they only had carpet. There were no other major differences: except cleanliness and effort put into the preparation of the house. We decided to go ahead and compete with this other house. Fortunately for us, we were able to secure a buyer before the other listing. During the negotiation, this other property was certainly brought up but we still managed to secure top dollar for our clients. We obtained 99% of our list price while they only received 95% of their list price. This equated to an additional $83,000 in my client’s pockets.

This is a great case study on why preparing your home for sale can have a huge payoff. Having a professional guide you through the process and negotiate in your best interest is crucial for getting top dollar.



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