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Posted on: March 21st, 2017 by Chris Scott


I represent many buyers looking to purchase new homes in Ottawa. Often times clients are asking what upgrades they should do. Beyond the obvious upgrades such as kitchen, flooring, and bathrooms, here are some other upgrades that often fly under the radar.

1. Outlets Under Eaves

Adding outlets underneath your eaves with a switch in the hall closet allows you to decorate your home for Christmas with no limits! It’s a much better alternative to having extension cords connecting everywhere.



2. Dimmer Light Switches

Adding this lighting option to certain spaces makes them more usable and comfortable. Instead of just having the options of on or off it allows control of the amount of light in each room. Also, beyond the functionality appeal of being able to dim lights, it also saves energy and the light bulbs can be used longer. You can create the warm candle vibe and save on your electricity bill.


3. Central Vac (Kickplate in Kitchen)

There are multiple reasons why homeowners prefer central vac over a vacuum. These benefits include no power cords or extension cords, no re-circulated dust particles, large trash capacity, lightweight and easier to use. It makes cleaning your garage easier as it doesn’t stir up dust like a broom, and is a lot less troublesome than trying to use a portable vacuum outside.


4. Larger Basement Windows

Allowing more natural sunlight into the basement increases the appeal of the extra living space. Many basements are used for just storage but if it’s finished or if someone lives in it, the natural sunlight has health benefits. Natural sunlight increases circulation, energy, encourages better sleep and causes vitamin D production. They also can provide easier escape routes in case of an emergency.



5. Undermount Sinks

Seamless looks are very popular these days.  An undermount sink attaches to the underside of the countertop, this way there’s no raised edge on the top of the counter, where food might collect.




Other upgrades mentioned included: LED pot lights, USB outlets, exterior hot water tap, if there is a soaker tub to add a sprayer, wall speakers, and outlets near stairs for Christmas lights. If you are buying a new home in Ottawa, please get in contact with me, as I’d be happy to help. I have relationships with most new builders in Ottawa and also have some custom home options aswell.


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