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Posted on: July 6th, 2017 by Chris Scott


Mission Impossible


To completely stage a Barrhaven single family home and have it launched back on the market within 24hrs.

I got a call one morning from someone who had their house listed with a limited service brokerage. They were super unhappy and wanted a change. I met with him almost immediately. He offered me the listing if I was able to do the impossible: completely stage and reposition them on the market in 24 hours. This process usually takes at least a week! They wanted to have it back on the MLS ASAP to take advantage of the busy Ottawa spring real estate market. I decided to accept this challenge.


We had an interior decorator at the house for 7 pm that evening. The staging was completed at 10 pm and the sellers told me they stayed up well past midnight implementing the changes. The next morning our staging expert was back putting the final pieces into place. We had our media company into the home for pictures and launched on the MLS shortly thereafter. This was by far the quickest turn around I have ever had.


My clients had their house on the market a total of 2 days with me and we sold their home in a multiple bid situation for full price! The price was $5000 more than my client’s original asking price. The house was previously on the market for 2 full months without an offer. It matters who you work with!


VALUE IS MUCH DIFFERENT THAN PRICE. It is easy to be lured in by saving money by listing your home with a limited service company. I get it, it is human nature to want the best deal. However, the best price is not always the best deal. This is true with almost everything we buy. In real estate, the best deal is whoever can put the most amount of money in your pocket after expenses while making the process. In this case, we were able to accomplish this objective for our clients.

If you are selling your home in Ottawa give us a call. We will get you the most money with the least amount of headaches. But please give us more than 24hours to prepare the house 🙂













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