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Posted on: November 15th, 2017 by Chris Scott

I believe many Ottawa home buyers over the upcoming 5-10 years will be looking for homes with in-law suites. We have an aging population and buyers are looking for new ways to share the large mortgage payments. I just assisted some clients with their rural Stittsville purchase and I thought I would share our experience.

The first thing to know is that it is hard to find this style of housing, especially with the in-law suite in a non-basement situation. My clients and I searched quite a bit in Kanata/ Stittsville area for this in-law suite option but came up empty-handed. Since nothing came available we considered a new build. By going in this direction my clients would have the opportunity to get exactly what they wanted.


To purchase new you must do your research. We worked with a local custom home builder that has a good reputation. My clients had them build a beautiful bungalow with a 1000 square foot in-law suite. It is really more like a small bungalow attached to a larger one. It really is quite unique and that’s what is so great about custom building, you can get exactly what you want. The curb appeal turned out awesome. In the picture, you can see the in-law suite on the far right-hand side.
What is really unique about this home is there are two separate entrances and no shared walls. Both homes were so well finished and turned out amazing. I got to take a tour of them once it was all finished. I think if you are considering going this route you should think about going new.

To get to this point there is a lot to consider:

1) Research potential custom home builders/ Get feedback from current and past clients
2) Interview 3-4 builders
3) Confirm Tarion warranty status and see if there are any claims against them
4) Find a lot (carefully review restrictive covenants of lot)
5) Have multiple meetings to make sure you and the builder on the same page

As a Realtor, I am very much involved in this process from start to finish. Should you want more information about this option let me know.

In Law Suite Image

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