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Posted on: July 10th, 2018 by Chris Scott

I was having this discussion with a client last week. We were talking about what I think the future might hold for Ottawa real estate. Ottawa is a very spread out city and commuting is becoming more challenging every year. This has made areas close to the city core especially desirable for home buyers.  This, however, could change if your commute was in a self-driving car. This technology that will be upon us before we know it. You are already seeing this technology on the roads in some places. How will this impact the real estate market? I think buyers will be ok living further from work if their car will whisk them away to the office while they read a book or catch up on some emails. Commuting may be the most enjoyable part of their day. Imagine reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee as you drive-in. Further, what if your car dropped you off at work and then become a ride-sharing car or uber and made some money for you while at the office. These ideas might sound far-fetched but I can tell you this might become reality sooner than we all think.  The future is both exciting and a bit scary at the same time.


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