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Posted on: February 8th, 2019 by Chris Scott

Ottawa Best Home Staging

Many of our Ottawa home sellers are nervous about home staging. Many do not understand the process. I thought I would clarify what it looks like with our team. We take a hands on approach and understand that every house has its own unique challenges. Here is an example of a staging consultation where the home was in good shape but making slight adjustments made it shine. A little can go along way in preparing an Ottawa home for market and our team knows what works. This home ended up selling for a record price in multiple offers.


Our staging team walks through each room with our clients and suggestions are made on everything from furniture placement, what to remove, what to bring in, paint colours, and minor repairs. Everything is from the perspective of how we can maximize the price and showing condition.

Based on our client’s circumstances we make a priority list to ensure the best possible results. Photos will be taken of each room for note-taking. Our clients do not have to take notes. Once the consultation is complete we email a detailed personalized report (usually within 24 hours) summarizing everything discussed.

Each page of the report discusses an individual room. It has a photo of the room along with a list of everything to remove, where to place furniture, exactly what to edit, and what our team will bring in if necessary.  The checklist is easy to follow. We want to make this experience as straightforward as possible for our clients.

Here is an example report:



  • This room looks great. Please keep the bowl and the balls.  You said you also have some red ones that we will experiment with as well.
  • We will bring a runner to break up all the wood



  • We can tweak the last-minute things in the kitchen on Sunday but just leave the red appliances and the coffee maker. Remove everything else.
  • We can bring some greenery.
  • Please keep your little blue and white pot with the greenery in it.
  • Please leave the stools.



  • Please remove any signs of pets for photos and showings
  • If possible, use the faux fur cushions just for the photos and then you can use your Christmas ones.
  • Chris brought this area rug that will help warm up the space once everything else is added
  • We have a tray and accessories to put on the coffee table
  • Please remove everything from the end table and put the black lamp from the master bedroom on it
  • Keep the little tree on the end table
  • We will also bring some tan cushions that will tie in the area rug


  • Please remove the mat under the red cabinet. You might want to put felt pads on the legs to protect the floor.
  • We will tweak what is on top, but it looks good. Chris brought his big plant for photos.  Afterwards, it can go in the basement where the dog bed is now.  You can put your Christmas tree up by the window if you want after photos.



  • Please leave the furniture as we placed it today (before photo taken before we moved it).  Your artwork will go to the basement
  • Keep the lamp on the desk. I will bring some greenery for the desk.
  • Chris will bring in desk and grey chair
  • Place one of your navy cushions on the chair.
  • Keep the table, floor lamp and some books beside the chair.



  • This lamp should go beside the sectional in the living room.
  • We will bring some lamps and cushions.
  • Please remove the photo artwork but leave the large floral one.
  • We will bring cushions for colour



  • We will bring accessories and artwork for this bathroom to complement the master bedroom.
  • We always suggest buying rubber bins for the shampoos, toothbrushes etc. That way items can be removed and put in a closet.  You don’t want personal hygiene products showing for photos or showings.



  • We will bring artwork, towels (for show only) and accessories for the vanity.
  • Please keep your shower curtain.
  • Remove everything else off the vanity.



  • We will bring artwork and accessories for this room.
  • Please just remove anything on or in the machines for photos and showings.



  • We want this room to appeal to an older child. I will bring artwork, cushions and accessories for this room.
  • Please put your paddle from the dining room in the far corner by the window. It will fit in with the theme of the room.
  • Please keep all the lanterns that you have around the house.
  • Please remove the artwork.
  • Keep the lamp.



  • Please remove everything from this room except the cube storage unit.
  • Chris will bring in bed and some staging acesories with Cars theme.



  • This room looks great. Ideally, I would love to bring the artwork closer together if the holes don’t show.
  • Turn your movies around the shelves so you can’t read the labels.
  • Remove everything from the top of the higher unit.
  • Tidy the desk as much as possible.


  • Remove the dog beds, the heater, the 4 pictures and the lamp. We might put the floor lamp from the loft here instead.
  • Clear off the top of the bookcase and all the little pieces on the shelves except the books.


If you are curious about what we can do for you please feel free to get in touch.


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