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Posted on: June 5th, 2019 by Chris Scott


Last week was an interesting one for me. I was in 3 different multiple offer situations in various price points and areas in the city. The pressure was on because all of my clients absolutely loved each of these homes. We were able to secure each of these clients their dream home. It matters who you work with!


Only agent presenting in person, clients did pre-inspection, had no conditions.

✅ Presented in Person

✅ Pre-inspection

✅ No Conditions


Clients did pre-inspection and provided approval letter of financing to sellers.

✅ Pre-inspection

✅ Financing Approval Letter


Understanding the market by recognizing the house was underpriced and a strong financial offer was warranted. Sometimes paying over asking doesn’t mean paying over market value.

✅ Understanding Market Value

The real estate market in Ottawa is a very competitive place to purchase real estate. This year multiple offers are commonplace in almost every neighbourhood. Here are a few tips if you ever find yourself in this situation.

1. Representation

I think getting the right Realtor® working for you will be the most important step. Someone who can be a guide through this complicated process. A thorough review of the market is also very important. Often times multiple bids are created because a house is under-valued as compared with other listings that have sold in the area. This means that even though a buyer might pay more than list price for a home they are not necessarily paying over market value.

2. Presentation of Offers

For most people, there is a human element in selling their house. I like to present my offers directly to the seller in multiple bids. Basically, tell them how wonderful my clients are-which is true! I have had sellers more than once choose my clients’ offer that was less money. One time over $3000 less!

3. Price

Of course for many people, price is the most important factor. Finding a price that is going to be competitive and also not overpaying is a delicate undertaking. This is where the buyer’s discussions with their agent can really help figure out just how much they want the house.  Generally, it is best to put your best offer forward in these situations because you usually don’t get a second chance.

4. Conditions

These will always be a factor for sellers. In this market, many buyers are getting their home inspection done prior to the offer date. Having this condition out of the agreement can make your offer more appealing. Also, if you can get an approval from your bank before the offer date and have an unconditional offer this will set you up in a position to succeed. The challenge with this option is that if you get the inspection done and lose the multiple offers you are out about $500.


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