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Posted on: August 24th, 2020 by Chris Scott


Saying goodbye to my childhood home was a bit more challenging than I thought. Afterall a house is just brick and mortar, right? I have been told memories are really what matter and you can take them with you. Over the course of the 45 years in that home, we certainly have some great memories to cherish. The day before the big move we had a very special dinner with just the original 6! No kids or spouses. It was a unique experience because it just doesn’t happen anymore. As we finished packing the rooms and drank wine we reminisced about some of our favorite memories in each room of the house. Lots of laughter recounting some of the best moments in each room. My sister getting stuck in the window as she was sneaking out was one of the best! My parents were enlightened to some of our shenanigans over the years. As an example when they would go away for the weekend we would get the pool up over 100 degrees. That way after partying downtown we would have a pool with the temperature of the hot tub to continue the party! One night we noticed the steam from the pool from our front yard, it looked like the house was on fire! Our home was always the gathering place for big events. Graduation parties, Hollyfield/Tyson fights, big Senator games, and Crosby’s golden goal come to mind. It served us well over the years. Every time I drive by there in the future I will smile and I am sure a few good memories will come to mind. It is good to know a nice family will be making memories of their own there. What an epic chapter in our lives. The end of an era!

When one chapter closes another one begins. This chapter will be all about family, Sunday dinners, and the grandkids spending more time with my parents. Also, hopefully, a bit more babysitting for us!  Change is tough but sometimes necessary and we are all excited about what the future holds.

I know that my real estate team is not just selling or helping our clients purchase houses. It is much more than that. A home is a secure place where you live, laugh, learn, love, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Memories that our children will pass on to their kids. I am privileged to play a small role in this for our clients and will continually strive to provide the best experience possible. After all, home is where the heart is!


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