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Posted on: April 28th, 2020 by Chris Scott

The subject homes in this case study were almost identical.  They are the exact same Red Oak model by Tartan. They are right across the street from each other. Upgrades were similar. The houses were essentially the same value.

Difference: $14,157

Why it matters who you work with!

It is tempting to save money on commissions, I get it. My sellers paid more to work with our team in this scenario. They also netted thousands of dollars more than their neighbor across the street. Our seller also received a more personalized service experience.

People always get caught up in how much they are paying and not necessarily the value they are receiving.

Top 3 Reasons We Got More

1) Staging: The house was professionally staged and ready for viewings. This service included multiple visits and staging rentals.
2) 3D Tour: We had a 3D tour available online that attracted our eventual buyer.  They were able to walk through the property virtually before stepping foot inside. When they came for their first visit it was pretty much a 2nd showing.
3) Negotiating: We were able to get over $14,000 more than the house across the street. Both homes were almost identical. They were the exact same model and had similar upgrades. We had the disadvantage of them selling first at a lower price. We stayed very strong and got more than our asking price with no other offers on the table. How you might ask?  I have been negotiating deals for over 15 years. I have seen it all. I am ready to be strong to protect your hard-earned home equity. The other home had their house negotiated from a call center in Toronto.  Often times in life you get what you pay for. I have learned that time and time again with so many products and services. I now make my decisions on value.

Happy Client

My clients met with me pre-covid and we set up a listing plan for them. That plan, of course, changed quite a bit leading up to the listing date as covid restrictions were put in place. My clients could not wait to sell because they purchased a new home already. We pivoted and put a new plan in place that included the 3d tour, staging, and online marketing. The results were great! Our team was thrilled we were able to get such a favorable price for our longtime clients.


Posted on: September 4th, 2019 by Chris Scott


Ottawa is a great place to purchase investment properties. Our vacancy rates are low. As real estate prices in Ottawa continue to increase, some buyers are looking at ways to supplement their mortgage payments.

Owner-occupied main levels, with tenants renting out the basement, is a common cost-efficient approach to maximizing your profit margins.

Two common beliefs are that a basement bedroom becomes legal if there are

1) a closet in the room, and

2) a window in the room big enough and accessible to be used as a means of exit in case of emergency

In reality, this is not exactly correct. A window in the room is required but its dimensions are more to ensure that natural light covers at least 5% of the total floor area. It is also important to note that, while no height restrictions are included in the code, it is recommended that homeowners use furniture or other means to increase accessibility to windows that are higher off the ground, should there be a need to use them as an exit. There are also stipulations regarding minimum square footage required, with and without built-in closet space.

The most important thing to remember is that there must be a viable means of egress available on the same level as the bedroom, either by window or door (other than those that lead upstairs). If you choose to have a bar installed in front of the window, it must have one of two options. The keys must be within arms reach or the ability to be unlocked and opened without tools. This is to increase the likelihood of a safe exit in times of emergency.

Ensure you are comfortable with leaving a loved one in any circumstance created by your renovations. Keep abreast of any Building and Fire Code changes that occur. Ensure everyone in your home is aware of all possible means of exit, just in case. For more information, contact the City of Ottawa, or be in touch with us anytime and we can help!

This information is accurate but not guaranteed*

More info at:


Posted on: May 3rd, 2019 by Chris Scott

One of the best marketing campaigns I can remember growing up was Head and Shoulders shampoo. Their slogan was “because you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. It is so true in not having dandruff on your shirt and it can also be applied to real estate. Stay with me here. When home buyers walk into your house you want to be feeling good about what they see and excited about what is to come! First impressions are crucial!!

Side note: I looked up that campaign and it was from the ’80s (ageing myself a bit). I still use H&S today because I am petrified of dandruff and making the wrong first impression.

If you are a home buyer what room would make a good impression to you:

Well, I agree with your choice. We suggested the homeowner bring in some rental furniture to outfit this room properly. We then made the room come to life and accessorized it.

Of course, once you commit to the staging you can’t just stop at one room. It all has to come together. In this case, we had a pretty solid plan that the homeowners bought into. We ended up bringing some of our own furniture we use for lots of stagings, to bring it all together.

You will notice the kids room. We felt the demographic buying would be younger families so we showcased as such. That is Aiden’s (my son) old bed and some of his toys/books. 🤫 Don’t tell him! We also brought a desk and chair in for the loft among many other changes.





Why go through all this work?

This is really the big question, isn’t it? Is it really worth it to stage? My answer is, absolutely. Having a fresh, modern, clean look is the key. We want people to feel excited about the house and the possibility of owning it. I bet there are people who would not even offer on the house as it sat before. They might not even realize why. Hard to prove this theory but we have taken over many non-staged homes that could not sell. We keep the prices the same and then like magic! they sell for top dollar. That is why I also invested over $2500 to stage my own place when I sold. Anyways, I am ranting a bit here but it is what I believe with conviction.


Posted on: February 8th, 2018 by Chris Scott


After our annual client Santa party I was approached by a past client who asked me why I do all this after sale stuff. The contests, newsletters, cards, client events etc. He said he would refer our team business no matter what, and that I really didn’t need to do all this stuff. It was an interesting question. The answer is at the heart of my business. Here is what is on our wall at the office:


We are just living out our mission statement. That is what gets me fuelled up every day and excited to go to work. You see our mission in real estate is to create a raving fan service experience for every client and to bring value long after our clients buy or sell. We will always strive to provide this service to clients if they bought 12 years ago or 12 months ago. As our team grows we are able to offer better services and bring new experiences. I look forward to sharing some new initiatives with everyone in the near future.