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Posted on: May 5th, 2017 by Chris Scott

The balanced market of the past few years has seemed to evaporate overnight. The market is extremely competitive right now in Ottawa. A shortage of good inventory and favorable demand has shifted the balance towards the sellers. Bidding wars are once again a common practice here in Ottawa. The exception this year is that some of the bidding wars are escalating high above the listing prices. In one instance I witnessed a home sell for 100k more than a sellers list price. It started in March and was mostly contained to the central urban market. Neighbourhoods like Hintonburg and Westoboro are especially hot. That heat has extended to the suburban market, It is not as active but in some segments of the market, every well-priced home is in multiples. As an example, it took my clients 5 offers to secure a Kanata townhouse. They were over asking on all 4 of the previous bids. Every neighbourhood has different trends. Much it will depend on the available inventory in each area. Comes back to simple economics sometimes. Low supply + high demand = Craziness in the Ottawa market.

Let’s examine the April resale numbers for the Ottawa market:

Ottawa Monthly Chart for Newsletter

This upwards push is fuelled by a combination of high consumer confidence and good local economic conditions. Houses sold over 1M doubled this April compared to last year. There were over 83 properties sold in the 7 digits! This is an interesting trend to keep an eye on. If you have questions about your neighbourhood trends feel free to get in touch.

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