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Luxury Home Goes Viral

Posted on: July 12th, 2023 by Chris Scott


When it comes to the world of Ottawa real estate, stumbling upon an extraordinary property that captures everyone’s attention is a rare find. But every once in a while, a house emerges that captivates the market. Enter 5406 Mansel Crescent – a true masterpiece that has swiftly become our favorite listing. Working with the sellers to present this luxury home to the market was a wonderful experience.

In the realm of real estate, it’s not often that a property within a specific price range attracts multiple offers. Yet, 5406 Mansel Crescent has defied all expectations. The overwhelming interest from buyers and the fierce competition surrounding the offers validate the undeniable appeal of this remarkable house. The cost per square foot really set this home apart from the competition. They were able to secure a benchmark price for the area in large part due to its exceptional features and incredible design. The true magic of this house lies in the love and care invested in every single detail by the sellers. It is evident that they poured their hearts into creating a space that emanates warmth, elegance, and a genuine sense of home. From the thoughtfully curated finishes to the carefully considered design choices, every aspect of this house was taken into consideration.

During the listing process every detail was meticulously addressed, leaving no stone unturned. From the initial staging and photography to the comprehensive marketing strategy, we ensured that this home would shine among other listings in the area. We produced a great video making sure that all the best features of this home were presented to prospective buyers. Further, we live in a social media world. We had a second video professionally made with a drone intro for our Instagram reels. Both these videos were marketed to tens of thousands of buyers in our local market. The strategy was to blanket Ottawa on Instagram, Facebook, and youtube. It was amazing how many people came up to me to say they saw the video on one of those platforms. It was fun creating some serious buzz about this home.

As part of our marketing plan, we organized a broker open house, where we made sure to make it a memorable event. Champagne flowed, and refreshments from the local café, 692 Coffeehouse in Manotick, were served. The success of this event served as a true testament to the desirability of the property. The attending agents were not only impressed by the luxury home itself but also by the attention to detail and care put into its presentation. A few were influencers with thousands of followers on social media. They were taking videos and posting to their own followers. It was a really cool thing to see how a listing can go viral. All to say we had lots of fun working on this luxury listing and look forward to working in this niche in the future.

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