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Luxury in Ottawa

Posted on: November 22nd, 2023 by Chris Scott

Exceptional people, properties, and stories from the past year in real estate. Myths and common misunderstandings with this type of transaction

In recent years, the luxury real estate market in Ottawa has experienced a significant surge. What I find intriguing is the common perception shaped by television shows, where luxury agents are often portrayed as donning extravagant designer attire, driving 100k cars, and exuding immense egos. While such characters may exist, our team offers a distinctly different experience for luxury clients. One that is rooted in our desire to create raving fan service experiences. We have worked with dozens of high-profile hockey players, CEO’s, tech entrepreneurs, and other high-net-worth individuals. Our objective is the same with these individuals as with everyone else. Create an experience for them that exceeds their expectations. 

Contrary to the on-screen portrayal of luxury sellers as challenging, demanding individuals with sizable egos, my real-world experience tells a different story. Our interactions with luxury clients have consistently revealed them to be some of the most pleasant and down-to-earth individuals. While they do have high expectations, meeting those expectations transforms the transaction into a smooth process, much like any other, with the notable distinction being the price involved. Many of our clients started off as regular clients and returned years later as luxury buyers or sellers. It has been pretty cool to be an agent so long to see our clients climb the real estate ladder. One story in particular was a couple buying a townhouse with me 15 years ago. They sold it  and bought a luxury home in the Civic Hospital area. After living there for 6 or so years they bought one of the nicest homes in the city. It was really cool to see such nice people succeed in real estate. Here are a few of our luxury stories from this year in Ottawa. 

Urban Elegance at 38 Metropole Private #3201

38 Metropole Private #3201 with over 2500 sq feet is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular penthouses in the city. Before listing this luxurious condo we spared no effort to ensure it’s in its best possible form. The entire apartment received a professional makeover, including a fresh coat of paint, brand-new carpets, and, most notably, professional staging that brought out the full potential of this luxurious penthouse. The attention to detail in preparing this penthouse is a testament to the commitment we have to providing the highest quality in luxury real estate. It now stands as a showcase of modern design, offering an unparalleled living experience in the heart of the city. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be captivated by the flawless harmony of style, comfort, and sophistication. This penthouse is a true urban gem and we are sure the new owners will enjoy the breathtaking views of the Ottawa River for years to come. 

The Epitome of Luxury at 5406 Mansel Crescent

5406 Mansel Crescent holds a special place in our hearts, as it’s truly one of our all-time favorite properties. This custom-built home was a masterpiece, boasting unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship. To make this property shine even brighter, we invested in professional staging, bringing out its full potential and leaving visitors in awe. But we didn’t stop there. We believed that a home of this caliber deserved exceptional marketing, and we went above and beyond to showcase its magnificence. Our marketing efforts included captivating videos, both for social media and YouTube. These videos garnered thousands of views, allowing a broader audience to appreciate the grandeur of 5406 Mansel Crescent. I could not believe how many people ended up seeing this home online. The excitement surrounding this property reached its peak during our thrilling agent open house. Agents from all corners of the city attended, where they sipped champagne and explored every corner of this stunning home. The result? Multiple offers flooded in, and within just 24 hours of listing, 5406 Mansel Crescent was sold at a benchmark price per square foot. This property exemplifies the heights of luxury real estate, and we are so thankful we got to represent the sellers

A Family Oasis at 104 Rothwell Drive

104 Rothwell Drive stands as a delightful family home nestled in the serene neighborhood of Rothwell Heights. This property was a pure joy to represent, and its story is one of love, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to creating a dream home. The owners spared no expense, investing in updates that transformed this house into the peak of modern living. One of the most captivating features of 104 Rothwell Drive was the amazing primary bedroom and ensuite, it was like its own apartment.  These spaces were designed with meticulous attention to detail, offering a retreat that’s second to none. The love and care that the owners poured into their renovations were palpable in every corner of this home. The result was a property that radiated warmth and sophistication. As a testament to its desirability, we found ourselves in yet another multiple-offer situation, a clear indication of how highly sought after this family oasis was. The sellers were past clients of ours and it was such a pleasure to work with them again. 

A Vision Realized at 93B Withrow Ave

93B Withrow Ave was a true testament to the art of real estate. We took on this remarkable property before it was even completed, and from the very beginning, it was evident that this home was going to be something special. As soon as the finishing touches were put in place, we took the initiative to update all the photography to showcase its true magnificence. Furthermore, we staged all the principal rooms in the home to highlight their full potential and beauty. Our journey with 93B Withrow Ave was marked by a series of absolutely spectacular open houses. Each event brought an electric atmosphere to the home as we welcomed visitors. The exterior of the property evolved over time as various parts were finished. To ensure that we could always present the latest and most updated look of the home, we arranged professional photoshoots. This commitment to showcasing the property in its best light paid off, as it continuously attracted the attention of prospective buyers. Working with the clients behind 93B Withrow Ave was an absolute pleasure.

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